Our Flexi. Sisters classes are the perfect combination of a cardio workout, yoga flow and acrobatic style tricks and poses.


Our incredibly flexible and talented instructors works hard to ensure these classes are suitable to all fitness levels and abilities. 


The class starts with a cardio warm up to ensure your muscles are warm before moving into yoga style poses to increases your flexiblity, strength and balance. Using a combination of pilates and yoga, our instructors teach you how to activate your muscles in order to achieve a deeper stretch and stronger holds. Toward the end of the lesson, there are occasional bendbacks, forearm stands etc. before some cool down stretches.


These classes will help you to tone up and lose weight without causing too much high impact strain on your body.


Even if you can't touch your toes right now, we will get you there!


Check out our latest timetable here.



Flexi. Sisters

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